Нина Сублатти

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Nina Sublatti - Warrior. Lyrics

As usual, we have asked the singer about her feelings becoming Eurovision participant: I concentrated all my energy and created some story about Georgian woman, about their lives, about what it takes to be woman in Georgia and so here is "Warrior".

As usual, we have asked the singer about her feelings becoming Eurovision participant: I concentrated all my energy and created some story about Georgian woman, about their lives, about what it takes to be woman in Georgia and so here is "Warrior". I sent it to nation selection jury and then that happened". So when I performed it was just demo version.

After winning I changed a lot in range and then decided to contact Thomas G: Me and Thomas were contacting each other by email, I explained what exactly I wanted from this song, he shared his ideas and I think "Warrior" is more kind of Eurovision song than it was before.

In one of the earlier shows, Nina has performed acoustic version of her entry that featured Zviad Mgebrishvili on guitar. She says, that it will be recorded and released as official acoustic version. Also to be honest on stage is very important thing for me.

Before I met Sacha Jean Baptiste we were contacting each other by e-mail and sharing our ideas. Nina says that for sure there will be some backing vocalists, but she can not name them yet, and says that presentation of the song in the music video should not be considered as hint of the upcoming stage presentation.

Georgian entrant plans on attending preview parties in Riga and Amsterdam and possibly to visit some other countries as well. Touring around and making concerts is a part of success but biggest success depends on contest itself".

Nina says that she has listened to all other entries, but would prefer not to name her favourites, just wishing luck to every contestant.

Besides Song Contest preparation, she is also right now working hard on her second album. By the way, a lot of fans have been wondering, what do the lyrics of the song actually mean?

Live performance in the first Semi-Final of Warrior representing Georgia at the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Nina sublatti's Press conference. First Semi-Final: Winner's Press conference
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Warrior (Грузия, Евровидение ). Nina Sublatti.Равноапостольная Нина, просветительница Грузии. Церковный...
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